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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Hill Head beach again

So we was out and about in Arnie yesterday and we ended up at Hill Head beach again!

This time we parked up along the seafront and headed to the east side of the beach, i didn't really pay much attention last time but there's a little harbor and sailing club this way and today they had loads of children out in the little sailing boats. We watched for a few minutes then Grace pops up with "I want to go on the boats, i can sail!" lol. she would have pooped herself if i chucked her in one and said "off you go then!".

Further along is a small beach  and a walkway lined with beach huts, I would love a little beach hut somewhere but wouldn't want to pay the stupid money they go for here. Grace and Obi but went paddling in the sea then we had a seaweed fight whilst the dog was trying to eat it.

We will be popping along here again for sure, nice and quiet little spot.