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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Hurst View Dubfest

A couple of months back Me, Grace and Obi popped along to a little show called Hurst View Dubfest, it was only 25 miles from home at the bottom of the New Forest.

The campsite is one of our favorite ones , we have visited a few times before so we knew what to expect there. The show itself was not bad, there were a lack of VDubs in the show and shine, only a handful really, next year i will be putting Arnie in for it lol.

The first day was wet and windy, we had a little walk around the campsite with Obi then spent most of the day in and around Arnie. We could see the stage from his back window so we was laying in there watching the Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra acts (They was very good) then had a few games of rummy before hitting the bed for some ZZZZZZ's.

The next morning was red hot, completely the opposite of the Friday. A few more campers arrived so we had a good old look around them. We headed over to the entertainment area so Grace could have a bet on the ferret racing then try her hand on the mechanical bull! She done really well and held on for 40 seconds before face planting off onto the padding, i tried to keep a straight face but couldn't hold the laughing in for long! I also got a photo of the moment of impact lol :)

In the evening there was the legends that are Chas and Dave on stage, i have listened to these since i was knee high to a grass hopper and was a little excited to see them live. If you don't know them they are proper cockney lads from London, There music is not for everyone but the songs are fun. They now have a new fan in Grace, she enjoyed the set and was singing along to the rabbit song. When the gig finished we could see them chatting away behind the stage so me and Grace took a little walk around the side and ended up meeting Dave from the band! needless to say i was chuffed! We even got a photo with him :)

Sunday was another cracker of a day, sun burning in the sky and hardly a cloud in sight. yet again we took Obi out and headed over to the (small) show and shine to see what was there and was hoping to buy some bits from the stalls only to find 90% of them had packed up and left in the early hours.

Hopefully next years show will attract a lot more VWs as its a lovely little site for it and a good set up with the entertainment side of things.
I will be advertising it on here to try and help get the word out!

We will be visiting Hurst View campsite a few more times this year for sure, check out there website if you are heading to the New Forest any time soon.


Grace watching the legends Chas & Dave

Its only bloody Dave!

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Arnie's in a magazine

I finally got a magazine feature with Arnie! Check out this months VW Camper & Commercial magazine and there's 6 pages of greenness!

The photos were took by car photographer Dave Warren and the results are awesome.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

European Bug In 6

Well what can i say about this show??? Only that its the best show I've been too!!

It makes a change to be able to go to a VW show and be able to count the number of T4/T5s on one hand! I was in air cooled heaven in Chimay, Belgium.

4 camper vans headed from Portsmouth to Dover to catch the early morning ferry to Dunkirk on Thursday night, we arrived in Dunkirk at around 6 am and decided to do the longest part of the drive through Belgium, BIG MISTAKE! Belgium has to have the worst roads i have driven on, even Arnie was scraping on the pot holes on their so called motorways. 

Stuck behind a tractor in Belgium!

The bad roads added time on to our journey but it was worth it once we arrived at Chimay, air cooled VWs took over the little village, they were everywhere! Once we set up camp with the Brauner Stern '55 club we opened the beers and just chilled for a bit surrounded by the sound of the flat 4 engines :)

Saturday we got up, opened a bottle of Chimay and took a look around the show ground, I've not seen so many lovely VW's in one place from all over Europe. Here's some photos:

We also enjoyed a bit of drag racing on the drag strip

Then watched the buggies in the mud

But as usual the weekend flies by so quick and it was time to head home, this time through France on some smoother roads and with 2 more in the convoy. We will be back in 2 years for EBI7 for sure, the shows in England seem shit now.

Good bye Belgium

Good bye France

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Hill Head beach again

So we was out and about in Arnie yesterday and we ended up at Hill Head beach again!

This time we parked up along the seafront and headed to the east side of the beach, i didn't really pay much attention last time but there's a little harbor and sailing club this way and today they had loads of children out in the little sailing boats. We watched for a few minutes then Grace pops up with "I want to go on the boats, i can sail!" lol. she would have pooped herself if i chucked her in one and said "off you go then!".

Further along is a small beach  and a walkway lined with beach huts, I would love a little beach hut somewhere but wouldn't want to pay the stupid money they go for here. Grace and Obi but went paddling in the sea then we had a seaweed fight whilst the dog was trying to eat it.

We will be popping along here again for sure, nice and quiet little spot.