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Saturday, 25 April 2015

Magazine photo shoot

On Tuesday just gone Arnie had a photo shoot by top VW photographer Dave Warren for VW Camper and Commercial Magazine.

I was a bit worried as Arnie is no way a show bus, far from it! So Tuesday morning i had to clear all the camping stuff out from the weekend, its amazing how much crap you have in there lol, bits and bobs everywhere! I gave him a quick snow foam wash, cleaned Grace's hand prints and the dogs nose marks off the windows and dusted the dash off just in time for Dave Warren to arrive at the garage after the morning shooting my friend Paul's 1961 Beetle that i restored last year.

We headed off to a spot a few minutes away from my work for the shoot, Dave Warren worked his magic with the camera and the results were amazing!

Keep an eye out for VW Camper and Commercial magazine for follow the links and subscribe so you don't miss the green machine in all his glory!

Also check out to see his amazing work.