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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Packing for Bestival

Right i just started packing Arnie with all the stuff I need for 5 days at Bestival over the Isle of Wight, I've been looking forward to this since I came back from Camp Bestival. The weather forecast says its going to be hot and sunny all weekend! that's a first this year ;)

So no need for the awning, just the sun canopy for me, then loads of rum, vodka, jager and beers, 10 litres of water and a few t shirts and shorts, sorted!!

I do have 1 tip for anyone going in a car/van next year, DONT USE WIGHTLINK! they are a complete rip off, its cost me £150 return for a 30 minute ferry ride across from Portsmouth. I can see why not many people visit the Isle of Wight as this ferry company don't do anything to help. If you are from anywhere else I would advise you to use Red Funnel ferries as they do deals all the time. That's my little rant over, now I'm going to try and enjoy my weekend away.

Just thought I would add a list of the live acts for the weekend below.

Live music