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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Intech science centre and planetarium

Last Saturday we took a little journey up to Winchester to visit the Intech science centre, it is aimed at teaching kids all about science and technology and it's all hands on so they get to do it all themselves. Grace and her cousin Alfie loved it there, they was bolting around trying everything out, Grace even had a go at the wheelchair basketball as they had an Olympics theme section there.
I had a go on a few things and realised 2 things, 1 - I have no sense of balance now and 2 - grace is much cleverer than I am!

Before we headed home we went in the planetarium and watched a film about astronauts, it was great as you sit back in your chair and look up at the domed roof which seems to make the film look 3d but without the glasses, at one point grace thought she was floating!

It's defiantly worth a trip there, the kids will love it and its fun for the adults too :)

INTECH Science centre website