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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Bad few days :(

The last few days have been a right pain in the arse for me, the other day my golf decided to keep pumping its oil all over the road, I finally got that problem sorted today. Then I moved Arnie at work to get the golf past and as I jump out I push the door shut, this being the new door that I only fitted a couple of months back, and due to the crap new door rubbers it kept bouncing back and not catching, so on the third time I gave it a proper wallop and the bloody thing dented right in the middle of the door!

I'm so fed up of the poor quality parts being sold for the buses at the moment, this door rubber cost me around £30 and the thing still didn't shut properly.

I will be pulling this rubbish excuse for a door rubber off shortly, Can anyone recommend good door rubbers?

Luckily I work at V Dub Shack so should be able to get the dent out soon, still annoying though.