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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

VolksWorld show 2015

Woke up on Sunday morning all excited about the Volksworld show, I always enjoy this as for me and Grace its the start of the show season.

We met up with a few friends for a little VW convoy to Sandown Park in Esher. It took just over an hour to get there, got stuck in a traffic jam at Guildford for no reason at all, hate it when that happens!

We arrived there about 10.20 am after a windy drive, Arnie gets blown all over the place with a little wind, Sunday decided to be super windy! bloody weather!

As usual there were some awesome vehicles on show, i didn't bother taking any photos inside as its always to busy and can never get a decent shot. after looking around we brought a few things at the stores there, i picked up some Rat Fink door pulls for the green machine from Lime Bug and a few bits for a job from Vanwurks and MegaBug.

Then we headed outside whilst the weather was good. I popped into the Rothfink Industries store and picked up a sweet iphone cover and a few stickers. Grace was playing pin the badge on the bus to win some sweets :)

Took some photos outside of my favorite cars, then after a while looking around some more we got back in Arnie and got blown all the way back to Portsmouth with a quick pit stop in little chef half way back :)