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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Hill Head beach

So as the weather took a turn for the better last weekend we decided to pack a picnic, jump in Arnie and just see where we ended up. I let Grace decide if we should head east or west, she chose west and off we went!

We only ended up traveling 14 miles and found some signs for Hill Head beach, I had never heard of it even though its so close to us so we checked it out and took Obi for a walk. Opposite the parking is a nature reserve but thought we had best steer clear of that with an excitable puppy.

Whilst walking Grace done her #2minutebeachclean and picked up a hell of a lot of plastic bottle tops from the beach for that short amount of time! Its amazing how much rubbish is left behind on a beach.

Anyway if your about that way pop down there and check it out.