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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Rubbish EMPI exhaust

The sun was out again last weekend!

So I jumped in Arnie, fired him up to what sounded like a a Spitfire engine lol, it was so loud! so out I jumped to investigate the noise and found a very large hole in my EMPI quiet pack exhaust which was only just over 2 years old and extremely rusty, I wasn't very pleased I can tell you.

Lucky I had a spare silencer hanging around my garage so after quickly changing it out in the sun I was off to pick Grace up. After getting her we took a drive along to the spinnaker cafe at old Portsmouth where I had a home made burger which was lovely then we headed along to the Tenth hole in Eastney for a huge slice of cake! I fully recommend visiting both these places if your out down that way, both are excellent in my opinion.

After stuffing our faces at the tenth hole we popped up to Canoe lake to have a kick around in the sun for an hour or so. All in all it was a fun day, and I recommend visiting the spinnaker cafe and the tenth hole and I would avoid buying an EMPI quiet pack exhaust for your camper :)

Only 2 years old!! EMPI rubbish