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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Summer Dubbin' Saturday

Has an early start today as we drove from Portsmouth to Hickstead show ground for Summer Dubbin' VW festival. We met up with a few other Air Cooled Monkeys then started our journey up there.
We got to the show around 1pm and set up camp Arnie before pulling Grace around in her mini green machine wagon.
I got to see my old GT Beetle that I sold 5 years ago, I was well chuffed to see it on the road again. We had a look around the show and shine and grace went to the pet stall to hold a rabbit and stroke a tortoise (strange thing to stroke i know) before heading back to Arnie to cook grace some super noodles :)

After watching the live band and having Grace running around like a loon I pulled her back in the wagon for her to crash out on the hammock :) I stayed outside with my mate Chris and watched the meteor shower and saw 11 before I hit the sack after a long day.
The Air Cooled Monkeys have arrived
Pit stop in Billingshurst
Camp Arnie

Camper van radio bus
Sweet Porsche
My old GT Beetle