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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Bacon butty's by the sea

Today was pretty uneventful due to the rubbish weather returning, still me and Grace jumped in Arnie and headed down to the Hayling ferry by Eastney for a bacon butty each this morning.
Just as I was waiting for our butty's to be served at the burger van the heavens opened to much to Graces delight and I got soaked through to the skin carrying them back to the bus. We stayed down there for an hour watching all the little boats coming and going from Langston harbour, sod going out to sea in a small boat with the weather like it is!

After that we just went and visited family and Grace got to see the 7'10" sunflower at her nans house! I didnt realise they grew that high! We are hoping for a better day tomorrow so we can get out more :)