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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Southsea Castle

Southsea castle today

So with the rarely seen big ball of fire in the sky today we decided Southsea Castle was the destination in our green VW camper, I had not been in there since a school trip many many moons ago and with Grace having a strange obsession with castles it was an ideal choice.

We got to the entrance ready to pay and guess what?! its free! :)
Grace enjoyed looking around ask asking lots of questions and I enjoyed looking like a brainy dad and answering whilst secretly reading off the information boards. Its pretty amazing that its in great condition considering it was built for Henry VIII back in 1544.

Its a great place if you like history/castles/somewhere free, it has great views over the solent too, just make sure the sun is out as a lot of it is outside.

For more information click here ->Southsea Castle website

Also next to the castle is castle fields, most weekends they have something going on there, today was an arts and craft fair with the mad hatters tea party going on. It was pretty strange watching actors playing the parts and mingling with the public as they are trying to look at the stalls. Grace ended the day having her face painted by someone with a very clean late bay VW camper, there was also a nice Splitty selling sock monkeys ( I forgot to take a photo of both ).